Veterinary Products

There are various types of Veterinary Products offered by us that are suitable for various animal related industries like cattle and dairy. These products are important tools in the prevention and control of animal diseases. These products include animal food and feed, pet food, animal drugs, medicated feed and many other items. The offered category contains FOR MASTITICS VARMAST A COMBINATION FOR COMPLETE REPAIR OF TISSUSE. The Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland(s) associated with bacterial infection. It occurs in postpartum bitches and less commonly in postpartum queens. The offered Veterinary Products including medicines and products are safe for use on animals as per the need. The offered products are very useful and made by keeping in mind the well being of animals.


Varkol . 

Activated charcoal and sorbitol suspension Gastro Intestinal upsets inpection poisoning indigestion bloat parastic toxima.

Product Details

Filtration Medium Material   Plastic

Type      Activated charcol

Material Grade     Feed

Packaging Type     Plastic

Packaging Size  500 ML

Tic Fly Veterinary Spray

For Comprehensive topical cure 

say no to ticks, fleas & lice

Our herbal spray eliminates lice, itchiness and tingling, and prevents the spread of infection .

Ventra - H Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Third Party Manufacturing

Utro plus Animal Feed Supplement

Utro Plus acts as a mix of phosphate, calcium, and trace minerals that can be administered to grazing animals during the dry or wet seasons. This is an oral medication for repeat breeding, placental retention, and other postpartum problems like as metritis and pyometra. It improves postpartum reproductive efficiency by increasing the tonicity of the uterus. Utro Plus is the most important uterine tonic in herbal therapy. It relieves the burning sensation of wounds, stops bleeding, and promotes healing. It aids in the restoration of a healthy and normal reproductive cycle.


The POTENT ECBOLIC and UTERINE TONIC is made available by us that increase the uterine tone and contractions. These agents intensify uterine muscle contractions at the beginning and during labor, and during the postpartum period. Ecbolics are drugs which stimulate the contraction of uterus and helps in the expulsion of its contents. When used to induce labor, these agents are called oxytocic or ecbolic agents. The offered POTENT ECBOLIC & UTERINE TONIC is made available by us that is very effective and made for use in the livestock industry. They are easy to use and made for safe use.

Product Details

Packaging Type    HDPE JAR

Brand      Utro pluse

Best For    Uterus safety

Form    Liquid

Country of Origil Made in India

Tic Fly Spray Veterinary Product

We are offering here the FOR COMPREHENSIVE TOPICAL CURE SAY NO TO TICKS, FLEAS and LICE that controls fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and flea larvae. This product combines the adult flea killing power of pyrethrums with the long-lasting, egg-killing power of an insect growth regulator. This will keep the beloved pets healthy, clean and fresh. It is essential to keep all of these parasites at bay as they can compromise the animal health and well being. The offered FOR COMPREHENSIVE TOPICAL CURE SAY NO TO TICKS, FLEAS & LICE is very effective and useful.


We are offering here the IRON TONIC A PERFECT HAEMATINIC FOR RUMINANT that are often exposed to high iron intakes through ingestion of water, soil or feedstuffs that are high in iron. Ruminants are mammals that have a specialist digestive system which enables them to digest high-fibre diets such as grass. They have four compartments to their digestive system  the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. Iron deficiency in cattle is characterized by loss of appetite, poor growth rate, and lethargy. The offered IRON TONIC A PERFECT HAEMATINIC FOR RUMINANT is made available by us that is suitable for use in the dairy and livestock industry.

Product Details

Usage/Application  Animals

Packaging Size    1 LTR

Packaging Typen  HDPE JAR

Type Of Supplement   feed supplement

Grade Standard   Feed Grade


Material  LIQUID

Country of Origin  Made in India

Veterinary Herbal Spray

Veterinary Herbal Spray

Veterinary Herbal Spray provided by our company, is a type of spray which is widely used for curing the problems related to bacteria. This spray has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is effective in treating skin problem. This spray is acts as an herbal ayurvedic preparation. Our Veterinary Herbal Spray is very much liked and appreciated by our eminent customers, in the market. This herbal spray is very effective as well as economical to use. This herbal spray is great to be used for animals and pets too.


The NATURAL ECOFRIENDLY HERBAL ANTISEPTIC SPRAY is made available by us that is an alcohol-free antiseptic (antibacterial and antifungal) formulation designed for dogs, cats, and horses with dermatological conditions that are responsive to chlorhexidine and ketoconazle. It also contains Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E to nourish the skin and further control irritation. Broadly speaking, antiseptics are substances that help prevent bacterial infections. They primarily work by killing bacteria on contact, or at least preventing strains from reproducing. The offered NATURAL ECOFRIENDLY HERBAL ANTISEPTIC SPRAY is very effective and safe for use. It is easy to use.

Product Details

Brand    NS CURE

Packaging Size    100 ML

Packaging Type  Spray

Size/Dimension       100 ml

Grade Standard   Herbal antiseptic spray

Country of Origin   Made in India

Liv Boom Veterinary Spray

Live Jam Veterinary Spray

Ventra H Veterinary Product


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